C3D+ Partnership Website Promotes Knowledge-Sharing on Nationally Appropriate Solutions to Climate Change

04 June 2014. The Climate Change Capacity Development (C3D+) Partnership, coordinated by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), announced the upgrade and re-launch of its website, available at www.c3d-unitar.org. The site showcases the results of 10 years of analytical work carried out in developing countries to support nationally appropriate adaptation and mitigation solutions. 

The C3D+ website aims to be meeting place for researchers and practitioners from developing countries to learn about new and home grown approaches to resolving pressing climate change problems. The site’s clear and visually appealing format allows users to easily navigate the content featuring: 

  • practical tools and methods adapted to national conditions, covering climate science and information, vulnerability and adaptation, mitigation, and climate change mainstreaming;
  • case studies showcasing how the tools and methods can be applied to build capacity and support informed national-local decision-making; and
  • many other features such as a calendar of capacity-building events on climate change as well as recent news featuring the work of the C3D+ project.

About C3D+

The C3D+ Partnership supports research and training institutions in developing countries to identify, develop, test and apply new analytical tools and methods that can build the human and institutional capacities needed to deal with a future of increasing climatic uncertainty. It brings together six organizations located in developing countries and three global organizations from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean to collectively form a knowledge and capacity development network. 

The project is coordinated by the UNITAR with financial support provided by the European Commission and the Austrian Development Agency. Supplementary resources are provided by the Government of Switzerland to UNITAR for climate change capacity development activities.

For further information about C3D+ please check the C3D+ brochure, flyer and poster or contact the C3D+ secretariat (angus.mackay@unitar.org).