Resource Guides For Advanced Learning on Climate Change

Organizations within and outside of the UN system have developed a number of high quality learning materials and resources on various topics relevant to climate change learning. Given the wealth of existing learning resources, interested learners often face difficulties in identifying state-of-the-art materials and courses that can match their learning needs.

The Resource Guides for Advanced Learning on Climate Change facilitate access to existing climate change learning materials and support the development of complementary learning resources, as appropriate. Resource Guides are compiled for selected topics of climate change for which a wealth of learning resources is available and that have been identified as important topics from a country perspective. 

The guides provide a guided tour to existing climate change learning resources drawn primarily from within the UN system. They are written from the perspective of a learner seeking to obtain an understanding of what learning materials are available for a specific learning topic. The Resource Guides are organized into three parts. Part I provides basic orientation for readers, including a brief introduction to the subject area and an outline of the specific learning topics to be covered. Part II lists available written learning resources as well training courses currently being offered, organized by learning topic. Part III provides more detailed factsheets and further links to source material. A selection of resources published by recognized Non-UN organizations is provided in an Annex.


The first series of Resource Guides covers the following topics:


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